30 Days of Thankfulness: The BIG Finale!

It’s here! The last day of the month. November 30th. The last day of this blog project. Did you keep up with all 30 days? I’ll be honest, it’s really hard on some days to be thankful. We get caught up in the busyness of our everyday lives that we tend to take for granted the things that we love the most. I know I’m guilty. The thing I’m around the most, happens to be the thing that I often forget about.

On August 2nd, 2007, I made a choice to respond to a Facebook message (Yep, this was totally in the old days before the Facebook “chat” feature. The one where you had to sit and wait for someone to respond to your message). Little did I know, that small talk would completely turn my world upside down. I remember feeling so giddy. I wanted to make sure I answered every question with the right answer and of course I didn’t want to sound like a desperate, emotionally damaged soul.

That two hour plus conversationĀ turned into a date. That date became a story that we still laugh about (and I’m sure you’ve heard a million times). That story led to the sweetest text messages and girl gossip. I couldn’t believe that you would pick me. You were a Prom King and I was just that girl who did her thing in high school.

Then came college. Come to find out, I had declared the same major and minor before we even started talking. We had a few classes together. You showed me the ropes and helped get my textbooks for the very first time. Go figure, that would be one of my favorite things to do each semester.

Papers, projects, radio shifts. It all just fell into place. Even though we had our own work schedules, we still made time for each other. You would come and hang out when I got off work at 10:30 knowing you had to be at the Breakfast Show at 4:30 that next morning. You never complained. I think that was the first time you spoiled me actually. That’s another thing I take for granted. You always do for me in some way or another.

Vacations, road trips, family outings. They all became memories. They are all stories that we often recall and laugh about. Not only were you there for those little things, but you held my hand through the big issues at hand. When I was an emotional wreck, you were my shoulder to cry on. And you could ALWAYS make me laugh, no matter what I was going through.

I guess you decided you could handle having me in your life. On Christmas Night (a year and a half after we started dating), you drug me out to the old bridge overlook. I remember thinking “Boy this present better be good if he’s making me stand out here.” You told me to look at all the ice on the river and before I knew it you asked me to marry you (on bent knee and all). From that point on, we have shared all our major milestones together. We were there for each other when we became an aunt and an uncle. I was there to watch you graduate college and you cheered just as loud for me when I walked across that stage the next semester. Between all that, we got married, bought a house, AND got full time jobs in our field. We are pretty dang lucky.

You even decided to stand by me when I made my mistakes and got mad and threw my not so proud of temper tantrums. You put up with my bossiness, extreme love for outlandish television shows, and my obsession with Taylor Swift. I honestly do not know how one person can do all that. You must be a saint. Actually, yes. You are. I am so incredibly blessed that God put you in my life. You and him have teamed up and changed my life in so many ways. I could never find the words to tell you exactly what you mean to me. I love you so very much. And as you told me at the start of this month “I want to be old and gray with you.”

Day 30: Today (and everyday) I am thankful for Noland Cook and I am so looking forward to our journey together. :)

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